The Story

“What if we started a mobile espresso bar?”

Lindsey and I both knew a question like this was a long-time coming.

Entrepreneurship made sense for us. Our personalities balance each other well, we have the experience, and I’m forever haunted by a (very) persistent entrepreneurial spirit.

We were simply waiting for the right concept.

“It’ll come,” I’d often say.

And then, like a moth to a porch light, it did.

“I like the idea,” Linds replied. She was more contemplative than excited, but somehow I knew our dreams of being our own bosses were making their landing into reality.

IMG_0663 (1)I’d been working in coffee for over ten years as a barista, manager, and roaster, somehow avoiding the reality I’d made a career of it. It wasn’t until I updated my resume a few years ago and it dripped with experience that I thought, “welp, I guess I’m in coffee.”

With a toddler and a baby, we just don’t have time to commit 25 hours a day to a brick and mortar shop, but, “We can pull this off,” I told her.

So, I made it officially official–well, I made an Instagram account–and, not long after, a friend asked if we were in a position to work an event.

“Not at all,” I said, “but, we can make it happen.”

In September of 2018, we served a couple hundred incoming freshmen our delectable Iced Chai, and they loved it.

We got a second inquiry and decided to make the plunge. We bought a Nuova Simonelli Appia II compact espresso machine, anchored it to a four foot by two foot cart, and surrendered completely to that entrepreneurial spirit to become the coffee shop that comes to you.

Runabout Coffee Co.