How To Make Cold Brew At Home Using Your French Press

Cold Brew may seem magical, but making it at home is actually pretty muggle-friendly — all you need is water, quality coffee and a French Press.

But first! What makes Cold Brew such a summertime staple? Here are a few reasons why I love it:

Cold Brew is a great way to utilize your no-longer-super-fresh coffee.

Any connoisseur will readily admit one of the first things an aspiring home barista needs is a bag of well-roasted and fresh coffee beans. But if you find a bag untouched after you’ve been away on vacation or you simply can’t drink through it all in a timely manner, use your no-longer-super-fresh coffee for your personal batch of Cold Brew. The freshness of the beans doesn’t matter quite as much as it would for a drip method, but the quality of the roast always matters. Make sure you’re buying the right beans.

Cold Brew is pre-made so it’s ready to go when you are.

Don’t get me wrong. I love waking up in the mornings to my pour over coffee station and making myself a fresh brew. I don’t even have an automatic means of getting my fix anymore (I ditched the Mr. Coffee a couple of years ago). Still, some days — rare though they are — I just don’t feel like being my own barista, and I inevitably make a dad joke to my two-year-old son about making me coffee.

On these days, having an already-made jug of Cold Brew in the fridge is a lazy life-saver.

Cold Brew is delicious and higher in caffeine (kinda sorta maybe).

Cold Brew is delicious — you can’t argue that. But, turns out, you can argue how much of a pick-me-up you get from it. Caffeine content in coffee can range considerably, and there are always many variables.

Cold Brew is made with cold or room temperature water. Hot water extracts more caffeine. BUT Cold Brew generally uses quite a bit more coffee, making it more of a concentrate.

Either way, I always get appropriately twitchy after a few Cold Brews and, unless you’re a food scientist, caffeine content doesn’t matter as much as taste and your ability to easily enjoy it.

How To Make Cold Brew At Home Using A French Press

Now that you’re convinced, here’s how to make Cold Brew at home using a French Press.

Coarsely grind 1.5-2 cups coffee and dump it in your 8-cup French Press. Fill to the top with cold filtered water and let sit in fridge for 12-24 hours.

When the time is up, slowly push the grounds to the bottom and pour your masterpiece over a cup of ice. Add milk (or whatever) to your liking and taste!

Experiment with it and alter the recipe to your personal liking. Try more coffee. Less coffee. Cold water. Room temperature water. 12 hours. 24 hours. Whatever! There’s joy to be found in experimentation.

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