Is Your Coffee Actually Good? Here’s A Simple Test

Sure, we all love a piping hot cup of coffee, but, did you know that as coffee cools, our palates are more able to discern the natural nuances of the bean?

Well, now you do.

When coffee is scalding, we can often be fooled into thinking that bad coffee is actually good. Hotel coffee, diner coffee, even your grandpa’s Folgers that’s so thick you need a knife and fork — all of these taste their best when they’re scorching hot, but as they cool they’re offensive to the tongue. Why? Because when coffee is hot, you can’t actually taste the coffee. It’s when coffee cools, that it reveals its true colors.

Budding enthusiasts might buy all the right equipment, but if you don’t buy good coffee, you won’t get very far. So, if you’re looking to develop your palate as well as your pantry, and find out if the coffee you’re buying is actually quality, here’s the simple litmus test: try it cold. Iced or even lukewarm coffee will help you determine its caliber. When cooled, bad coffee will taste — well — bad while good coffee will maintain its character.

It’s really that simple!

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