5 Ways To Have A Coffee Shop Come To You On Your Wedding Day

Congratulations! Your partner (finally) popped the question, and you said “yes.”  It’s a precious moment all too soon shattered by calendar date-chasing, dress-shopping, venue meetings, taste-testings, and arguing about whether or not to invite your fiancé’s seventh-grade best friend.

In all the hullabaloo, you’ll likely spend time in a coffee shop planning the big day, confiding in the warm environment in which ideas bloom and adoration blossoms. (And, don’t you love that coffee smell?)

If only you could harness that sweet coffee shop experience for your wedding day…Oh wait! You can. In fact, here are five unforgettable ways to have a coffee shop come to you in celebration of your new life together. 

1. The Bridal Shower

Ok, this isn’t on your actual wedding day. But, just like your wedding, your bridal shower should be unforgettable. Whether it’s a Sunday brunch or evening party, Runabout can set up our full espresso bar anywhere (outside, in homes, churches, or venues) to serve every single one of your beautiful aunts.


2. The Morning Of

Whether you’re getting pampered or decorating the reception hall, you and your party need morning fuel to make the most of the special day. You can’t have the maid of honor dozing off during the ceremony.

3. Cocktail Hour

A dry wedding can still have creative and exciting beverages like any of our flavored lattes made with house-made syrups. Or perhaps you want to give your baptist grandma something to look forward to during the “heathen” cocktail hour. Either way, having a coffee shop serving is a great chance to amp up your guests for the dance floor.

4. Dessert

Coffee often comes out when the cake is cut, but, let’s be honest, it’s not the best. Our full espresso bar will truly compliment that pricey three-tier with crafted deliciousness.

5. Hangover Hour

Hangover hour is a thing now. As your guests party into the night, they need a sobering snack or a second wind. Queue in the coffee shop.

Runabout can set up anytime. Trust me — we have two kids under three — we don’t sleep.

Contact us today for free consultation.

You can make the memories; we’ll make the lattes.


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