What It Means To “Honor The Bean”

There’s a saying I use a lot when training new baristas.

“Honor the bean.”

Simple, right?

The only question is: What does that even mean?

Well… it’s about perspective. And humility. Attention to detail.

It means every bean has a journey–a story–through which it passes long before a steaming cup of coffee touches your lips. To honor the bean is to recognize that (1.) A barista’s job is merely to put the cherry on top of a long collaborative process and (2.) The barista’s responsibility is to fulfill their job with the upmost care and respect for those who have had influence on the beans long before they arrived at the moment of extraction.

So, whether you’re a barista or a home-brewer, if you’re ready to join the movement and #honorthebean when you craft your morning coffee, start by asking yourself these 4 questions:

1. In what country and region were my beans grown?

Soil, altitude, weather conditions, and myriad of other natural elements play a pivotal role in determining the characteristics of the final product.

2. Who were the farmers?

Coffee farmers are people too. That may seem like an obvious statement, but it’s important to realize. 

3. How were my beans harvested?

Wet? Dry? Honey? Each method plays a role in the end.

4. Where/when/how were my beans roasted?

The roaster is the director of the show, calling the star notes and nuances to center stage. 

Finally, craft your coffee with care (that’s what we do at Runabout). And remember, beans don’t just grow on trees…well, actually, they do.

You get the picture.

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